Saturday, June 16, 2012

Groovy Green Juice


It's harvest time out here in the country. Hoards of lettuce is springing up through the earth, just waiting to be plucked, washed and indulged in. Having a few friends out here with gardens so generous in size that they really deserve to be labeled "mini-farms," I find that I am lucky enough to have the amazing perk of continuously being offered fresh produce. Everything offered is beautiful, delicious and as local and fresh as local and fresh come! Arriving home late last night, after an afternoon harvesting lettuce, radishes, spinach and some particularly beautiful swiss chard, I had a moment of being overwhelmed with the bounty. How ever is one woman supposed to eat so much of this delicious produce? Knowing that I have a particularly (okay I admit, extreme) aversion to throwing any edible food away in the trash, I knew that I had to get creative. And it was about this time that I laid my eyes upon my juicer. Ahah, the answer to my vegetable woes!

Typically, one wouldn't think juice and diabetics are destined to be friends. But let me tell you, with some green goodness, a little lemon and a spalsh of ginger; juice becomes a sweetly free approved delectable delight. Now we aren't going to be indulging in a sugar shock tonic like orange or pineapple juice,though excellent choice for low blood sugars. Rather, below you will find one of my favorite GREEN JUICE recipes: simple, flavorful, and you guessed it, low glycemic!!! 

Enjoy the Pictures! More on CT farming coming soon!! 




1 cucumber 
3 handfuls of spinach or romaine lettuce
1 lemon
1-3 inches of peeled ginger 
2-3 stalks of celery
5-6 radishes (for spiciness!) 

1) Process all of the ingredients in your juicer!
2)Enjoy!  ;) 

Don't have a juicer? Blend it!!!

1) Place all ingredients in blender 
2) Blend on high until liquified 
3) Pour liquid through a nut milk bag or a cheese cloth. The pulp (aka the fiber) will be caught in the cheese cloth.

4) Compost pulp and Enjoy Juice!!!