Sweetly Free:
A diabetic foodie’s mythology blog

 Who Am I:

My name is Kate Cross and I am a diabetic absolutely fascinated and passionate food!  I have a background working with Gourmet Raw Vegan foods, as well as, farm to table cuisine. I tend to move around quite a bit but I consider myself a New Yorker though am currently living in Istanbul. 

Type-1 diabetes has not always been the easiest disease to live with. I have struggled over the years to better find ways of controlling my blood sugar while living an active lifestyle. I gave up running for 4 years considering it sent my blood sugars barreling into the abyss of shakiness. 

I've also become quite enthralled with food history, particularly food mythology. Here you will find what I, from personal experimentation, consider diabetes friendly meals with a little Food History thrown on top. This is a place to eat healthy and learn some groovy stories about food. . 

 A couple of summers ago, I realized that food could actually be my medicine, rather than my curse. It was then, that I delved into eating a low-glycemic, nutrient-dense whole foods diet (Quite the change from my usual baguette and nutella afternoon snack). I've continued to experiment with my diet to this day and really believe there is no one size fits all for the treatment of diabetics.  

Why did I start Sweetly Free?

I am a “just google it” type of person, someone who believes that many of the answers to my human questions can be found through Google.  When I started to change my diet, I was overwhelmed with the many types of diets recommened for diabetics. Going back and forth from website to website, all recommending completely different things.  Well, I then realized that I wanted to create a space where many of the different options for diabetic eating and living could be found on one website. 

What you will find here:

Diabetic Recipes

Happy lifestyle tips 
Food Mythology 

What is my Food philosophy:

 Flavor and a good story! Flavoring foods correctly makes anything taste better but I personally love a good story to go with the foods I eat. I love the history of foods, the nutrition of foods and the mythology of foods.  

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