Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Creative Cozy Copenhagen

 A few years ago if you had asked me which country in the world makes the best bread, I would have undoubtedly said France. But with travel and experience my belief in French bread superiority has been questioned by a quiet little country in the north that is an idyllic foodie capital = Denmark. The Danes creativity in the food scene is unparalleled by anything I personally have come into contact with during my travels. The flavor profile, texture and weight of the food is perfectly satisfying during the dark cold winter days.

Denmark, as with all Scandanavian Countries, has particularly high rates of Diabetes. Danish food isn't particularly diabetic friendly but there are some great options for diabetics trying to stick to a move low glycemic, high vegetable path. Kale is everywhere and the most popular bread is a very low glycemic danish rye bread which serves as the base to Denmark's  many varieties of open faced sandwiches.

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to the lovely Copenhagen.

Danish workers gather at a Smørrebrød cafe. Smørrebrød are a variety of open faced rye sandwiches traditional to Danish cuisine. This particular cafe was located in an indoor weather proof food market, where local and seasonal produce is sold year round to Copenhagen Natives. The cafe's tasty concept bite du jour was the new mini Smørrebrød sandwiches called smushi, a cross between sushi and open faced rye sandwiches.

Market life 

Danish Fish Market 

 The Famous Smørrebrød.

 These open faced sandwiches are made on sour dough Rye bread, which is super low glycemic so perfect for diabetics! 

My first Caviar dish! 

Thanks to the beautiful Copenhagen for the lovely inspiration! I am planning on getting creative and whipping up some  vegetarian Smørrebrød pretty soon.

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